Tips for Working Near Electrical Cables

Do a risk assessment in advance to determine the hazards involved in the work activity. This should involve tasks relating to excavations through to working on or near the cables. Think about how electric cables could be disturbed, perhaps by the use of sharp tools, or by being crushed by machinery. Obtain the necessary drawings […]

Stress overtakes MSDs in Britain’s workplaces

The frequency rate of work-related stress and mental health problems among workers in Great Britain rose in 2016-17 to 1,610 per 100,000 workers, according to the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) injury and ill health statistics. This is the highest rate for at least the past 11 years. Stress symptoms Stress affects different people […]

Ensure Your Health and Safety Policies are Effective and Adhered to

As an employer you have a multitude of responsibilities for ensuring the safety of your staff, contractors, visitors, public, customers, whoever may come to your premises. To successfully outline your expectations and intentions you will need to write a selection of policy statements. Ranging from health and safety to data protection this task can seem […]

Ensure Your Workers Undertake Vehicle Coupling and Uncoupling Safely

Preventing vehicle runaways and unauthorised movement is vital – serious accidents and even fatalities can occur as a result. Make sure you introduce and monitor safe coupling and uncoupling procedures to prevent an accident happening on your premises. Tips to Ensure Your Workers Undertake Vehicle Coupling and Uncoupling Safely Do a risk assessment to identify […]

Ensure Asbestos Removals on Your Premises are Undertaken Safely

Asbestos-related diseases kill many people each year, yet these deaths could be prevented if the correct controls are implemented. Where necessary, only ever use licensed contractors to do removal work involving asbestos in your workplace, and ensure that the work is properly planned.   Tips to Ensure Asbestos Removals on Your Premises are Undertaken Safely […]

Preventing Accidents Involving Employees and Workplace Vehicles

Many workers are injured each year by moving work vehicles that either didnt see them or started unexpectedly. Take the time today to check your vehicle management plan to ensure that your workers are protected. Tips to Prevent Accidents Involving Employees and Workplace Vehicles Undertake a risk assessment to determine where the hazards involving pedestrians […]

Ensure Ladder Jobs are Carried Out Safely

Ladders are often useful pieces of equipment for short-term, low risk jobs, but serious (if not fatal) accidents can occur if they are not used correctly. Take the time before starting any job to check that your ladder procedures are fit for purpose. Tips to Ensure Ladder Jobs are Carried Out Safely Do a risk […]

Understanding Stress

Understand what “stress” really means Stress is something which we will all experience at different times in our lives. It will occur when we perceive that we are experiencing levels of pressure that we find difficult to cope with (ie either too much or too little pressure). A certain level of pressure, or challenge, is […]

Don’t Ignore HSE Advice or Notices

It is imperative that you always comply with any enforcement given by the HSE, if directors and company owners fail to do so they could end up with a prison sentence. Tips to Ensure Your Premises are Safe for Workers and Members of the Public Check the boundaries of your premises to ensure that there […]